3x2 Flat VBurst W/Ends Graphic Only
Replacement graphic for existing 3x2 Flat Straight VBurst 8ft table top display with end caps

3x2 Flat VBurst W/Ends Graphic Only

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Your Price: $815.00
Premium dye sublimation fabric graphic replacement for VBurst
Part Number: OP-vburst-standard-3x2-flat-ends-graphic-only
Feature: Usually ships within 5 business days upon receipt of PDF graphic proof approval.
Replacement 4K dye sublimation printed fabric graphic for existing 3x2 Flat VBurst displays with side end cap wrap.

  • 4K dye sublimation print technology for all VBurst fabric graphics
  • VBurst fabric graphics are machine washable (treat as delicate item)
Shipping Information:
  • Approx Size: 11" x 17" x 5"
  • Approx Weight: 7 lbs
NOTE: If your VBurst graphic has defined panel breaks at the end caps (meaning a solid color or design separates the front live area), your graphic will be produced in 3 separate pieces and sewn together to create one large graphic. This will ensure that your panels break as requested for a cleaner defined appearance. Our goal is to provide you with the best result visually for your VBurst display when producing your fabric graphic.

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