3x3 X1-S Graphic Only With Ends
Replacement 3x3 8ft X1-S dye sublimation printed fabric silicone edge graphic WITH SIDE END CAP WRAPS for existing hardware / frame not included

3x3 X1-S Graphic Only With Ends

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Replacement graphic for 3x3 X1-S Silicone edge popup graphic display
Part Number: OP-x1s-3x3-FRONT-wEnds-graphic
Feature: Usually ships within 5 business days upon receipt of PDF graphic proof approval.
Replacement front graphic with side frame end cap wrap normally used on existing 3x3 8ft X1-S silicone edge graphic pop up display towers.


  • One graphic with endcaps to cover front side of your 3x3 X1-S frame as well as the two end cap sides
  • Premium 4K quality dye sublimation fabric printing
  • Includes hemmed edges with silicone
Shipping Information:
  • Approx Box Size: 11" x 17" x 3"
  • Approx Box Weight: 5 lbs

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