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We will accept the return of products that are defective due to manufacturing and/or workmanship faults. Fulfillment mistakes that may be made which result in the shipment of incorrect products to you will also be accepted for return.

It is your responsibility to inspect all received product deliveries from us within 48 hours and notify us in that time should something not be correct or possibly damaged or faulty.

Products are listed with a degree of warranty options on this site. Generally every product is covered by some form of warranty to protect against manufacturer defects.

Returns on any order are not accepted without prior written consent by Displays by Area Exhibits. If you received a product that is faulty due to poor manufacturing please contact us to initiate a Return Authorization. You will need to provide us with full details as to the issue, including photos that show what the problem may be. We are happy to replace or repair products that are covered under such circumstances.

However, please note that some products, or circumstances, are not accepted in returns. These include:
  • You were not happy with the "color" of carpet.
  • You just didn't like the final appearance of your product due to personal preference.
  • You didn't find the "size" of the product to your liking (all sizes are listed online).
  • Shipping Cases that are not faulty.
  • Printed graphics that are not faulty.
  • Tablet & Monitor stands that are not faulty.
Should you have an issue with one of the products you purchased with us please contact us to inquire about a resolution. Defects are either fixed or offered as a return with authorized permission once we have been shown the issue and approve that issue.