All sales orders should be treated the same regardless of costRecently I was dealing with a project that required multiple sources for equipment and had to reach out to my suppliers for quotes. Some of the suppliers were being asked for very large value quotes while others were only being asked for small items. I was surprised to find that, even after over 20 years of working with my suppliers, the lower priced quotes took very long to receive but the high priced quotes were very quick to arrive. Even though all suppliers were told of how soon I needed the pricing, each took a different amount of time to provide the information. And the low cost requests were all the slowest.

When I work with clients I treat every single order the same. Whether you are ordering a $40 accessory or a $40,000 booth, you will receive the same level of attention and speed from me as everyone else. I don't believe that a low priced item can be put off just because it won't have much impact to the bottom line for sales that day. In fact, I honestly believe that the person ordering the $40 item is probably in more of a rush and has a very specific need than the higher priced material. They deserve to be serviced promptly because that small item may in fact be critical to a much larger exhibit need they have right now. And, the faster I can service the small order, the more likely they will return when they need something big.

I've always worked with the ethic of "do it now". Especially if something is simple and can be done right away. Even if you are in the middle of a large project there should always be time to step away for a moment and assist someone else.

Every order counts to a larger picture. Building relationships with your clients means taking everything as serious as you can, no matter how small.

I encourage you to do the same.

Need anything? Just ask me! I'm always happy to help.