10 foot by 20 foot interlocking Brumark 2 floor tile set in any color you choose. Perfect for trade shows.
10 foot by 20 foot interlocking Brumark 2 floor tile set in any color you choose. Perfect for trade shows.

10' x 20' Brumark 2 Interlocking Floor

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10 foot by 20 foot anti-fatigue floor tile set for trade shows
Part Number: BM-floor-interlock-II-10x20
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Interlocking Brumark II Carpet Tiles are anti-fatigue trade show flooring solutions to ensure you have the exact floor you need to keep you comfortable while looking professional. Visitors to your display area will appreciate the comfort these tiles provide (instantly feeling the difference from the hard walkway) while you will enjoy the comfort over three days (your standard length of an event).

Interlocking carpet tiles are very easy to assemble. Just push each tile into position. The Brumark tile carpet system has internal tiles that are all interlocking, with other tiles that have removable "ends" that are cut flat. You always know what direction to position your tiles with the included instructions.

Please note that dye lots will vary from set to set. If you are ordering a smaller floor now, but plan for a larger floor later, we can't guarantee new tiles will match older tiles in color. Therefore, you might wish to purchase the floor you intend to be at as you grow right now. Colors shown here are for reference only and may show differently from monitor to monitor. If the floor color is critical, please contact us to purchase samples. However, samples will extend the time of your production and are not guaranteed to match your end product.

  • 10x20 floor is 200 square feet and is made from 50 tiles
  • Each tile measures 2' x 2'
  • Edges are finished with removable straight/flat edges
  • Comfortable and economical
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Foam base with carpet texture on top
  • Optional shipping case with wheels / each case holds a 10x10 set of tiles / 2 cases required for 10x20 configuration
Shipping Information:
  • Ships in 2 boxes: 50" x 28" x 12"
  • Approx shipping weight: 80 lbs per box

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