Keep Attendees In Your Booth By Providing A Simple Service They Need

Portable phone charging station table for trade show displaysGoing beyond your already fantastic display, product, and service at your next trade show (you do have fantastic levels of each right?), you may consider adding one more enhancement to engage visitors to your booth. The enhancement we speak of is Cell Phone & Tablet Charging Stations.

Since everyone is now packing a cel phone that has become their connection to the world (and tablets, or even laptops, as well) they will occasionally require some power during long events so they can continue to be linked to the world. Your exhibit space can become a source of that power for free while you take the opportunity to discuss your products and services. We have all attended trade shows where we forgot to charge our phone before leaving the hotel room for the day, or we used up the available power due to activity. Your portable phone and tablet charging station can become a welcome oasis in the desert of trade show activity!

The beauty of a charging station is that you can position it in any display floor size. Just have a 10x10 small space with limited floor area? No problem, our Small Twist Round Counter Charging Station will not take much room. Or perhaps you have a custom need? Contact us. We can create a charging station on almost any surface at any size.

Here are some benefits of having a charging station in your display space:

Keep visitors in your exhibit space for a longer period:
Beyond the usual sales pitch and swag hand outs, you will find a charging station or table can increase the time your clients spend in your display area. This gives you an opportunity to extend your conversation to learn more about the client and what their needs are while providing a much needed service.

Branded charging cable swag for trade showBuild your corporate brand:
Personalize your charging station with printed graphics so that your company logo appears next to the device being charged. Add a QR code where devices sit so that a client may scan the code for a discount or promotional feature while charging. And, why not go further and purchase some "charging swag" like logo branded USB cables that connect to most devices that you can give away during the charging session. I was at a trade show recently in March where an exhibitor I spoke to gave me some charging cables as a promotion next to their station. On the flight home I discovered that I accidentally packed my own charging cable into my checked baggage and I panicked as my phone was running out of power! However, I was lucky to find the cable provided by the exhibitor at the show and plugged that into my portable battery charger. It was a life saver that I'll never forget, nor will I forget the company that gave it to me (especially since their logo is on the cable!).

Be covert but creative:
Some people attending trade shows may not be interested in speaking to you at that very moment. However, a charging station is a draw that they may need. You can be creative by setting up a device charging table that is branded "specifically" to tell users they won't be bothered during the charge session. But at the same time, you can leave your marketing materials on the table as well as any swag you have on hand so they are encouraged to take the material and contact you later. Consider it a follow up feature. You can also have a staff member simply charge their own device next to someone in a casual manner to perhaps spark up a conversation. Yes, we know that attending shows means everyone should be eager to speak to one another. But we all know that this isn't always the case. Sometimes you just need a boost to get that conversation going.

Will a charging station bring you new sales? Well, we can't guarantee that. But, your extra steps at providing new levels of service in your display will certainly be appreciated. You are already providing free water, breath mints, literature, swag, bags, and top level conversation. A charged phone may just top that off to a full tank for a new client! And, when not using your charging station at your trade shows, why not set it up in your corporate lobby as another level of branded service for your local clients?