Handy Decimal-Inch Conversion Cheat Sheet

Decimal equivalents of one inchThe products listed for sale on this web site that have printed graphics come with a very exact template that graphic designers can use to ensure their layout is perfect. However, there are always times, whether that be a custom order, or perhaps the placement of a monitor mount/size, where you need to know the measurements for your layout software.

Programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign work in decimals for the artboard measurements. Yet, many jobs have fractions presented to the designer (a sales person may say a screen or literature holder is 23 and 5/8" wide) that need to be converted to the decimals that the software requires.

How do you know what your software needs in terms of the exact artboard measurement?

Below is a handy guide we have prepared that will ensure you always have the correct dimensions when presented with fractions. The cheat sheet is one of those "must have" items for all graphic designers, whether working in large format, or standard scale offset printing.

We hope this document provides you with assistance for the orders you place with us, as well as any other jobs you are working on. And, be sure to check back for more graphic design tips. View our trade show graphic requirements section for a list of growing articles.

UPDATE (Aug 1, 2018): We now offer this same tool as a drop down Java calculator at the bottom of our graphic requirements page. Click here to see our Decimal Equivalents of One Inch Calculator and scroll down to the bottom.