Don't self diagnose your trade show display requirements

Let me know if this is you...

When health issues arise in life, you will consult a doctor and follow their advice because they are the expert.

When legal issues arise in life, you will hire a lawyer and follow their advice because they are the expert.

When financial issues arise in life, you will talk to a financial adviser and follow their advice because they are the expert.

When you need a new exhibit for an upcoming Trade Show, you think you are the expert and choose to select what you feel is best, including how the design should look. Though you do your research on countless sites, you nevertheless shop for "budget" rather than "result". And you never consult with an expert in the field that can provide you with solid guidance.

Sound familiar?

Through the years of working in this industry I've encountered many different types of clients. But the one type that puzzles me is the client that feels they can effectively decide what type of display is best for them instead of consulting with an expert to gain valuable insight on display materials and graphic design trends and styles.

Here at Displays by Area Exhibits we have spent many years learning how to manage budgets, achieve solid results with exhibits and designs, and make our clients happy when they are willing to listen to our guidance. It's what we do and we are good at it. Therefore, before you make your next display purchase, I highly recommend you take a moment to contact us and talk about your goals. You will be surprised at what you can learn. We love nothing more than taking time with a client to ask important questions so the perfect exhibit can be recommended for just that company.

Shopping for a new display shouldn't be treated like a WebMD visit to self-diagnose your issues and solutions. Graphic design shouldn't be done by a group/committee where everyone can make a suggestion. Let an expert diagnose this for you so your company can be properly represented at upcoming events.