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Guest Post by Mel White of Classic Exhibits Inc. for Quadro FGS Systems

Oreo cookies are ground breakingGood products and strong brands evolve, just like the Quadro Pop-Up Display!

Look no further than Oreo's, which are not just cookies, but ice cream, candy, and seasonal-themed snacks. What’s next? Oreo-favored bananas or an above-ground pool shaped like an Oreo Double-Stuff? Your favorite Blizzard treat at the local Dairy Queen already is full of Oreo's. What else can these amazing snacks do?

Quadro Pop Up Display by Classic ExhibitsOver twenty years ago, the Quadro Portable Pop-Up Display was introduced by Classic Exhibits in both curved and straight frames. While there were other pop-up displays on the market, the Quadro was unique, featuring square aluminum tubes and steel channel bars. Combined, these key elements made the frame remarkably strong, durable, and easy-to-assemble. No other pop-up on the market at the time, or even today, could match the Quadro for its exceptional weight-bearing capabilities. Each quad section could hold over 100 lbs, a load 3 to 4 times greater than existing fiberglass and thin aluminum tube frames on the market. The Quadro was created to be the ultimate and final pop-up display that anyone would ever need to buy. And, with the frame strength of the unit, the Quadro became known as the “Jeep of Pop-Ups” because of its go anywhere, do anything performance in the demanding trade show environment. 

Floating Graphic Pop Up Trade show DisplaySeveral years ago, exhibitors began requesting alternatives to standard fabric or mural panel graphics for their pop-up display hardware in the hope of creating a new look using existing hardware. Maximizing your current hardware with new looks to make budgets stretch further is always desired for savvy exhibitors. Therefore, “floating graphics” were created for the Quadro after some experimenting and testing. Floating graphics attach to the center joint hubs, leaving the pop-up frame somewhat visible. These graphics are less expensive than full size murals, easier to assemble, and more durable. Modern exhibitors that requested these changes liked the collage effect of floating graphic systems (FGS) and were on board from the start. The full FGS “kits” were also less expensive since they no longer required channel bars or end panels, cutting down on materials needed, set up time, and shipping weight. 

Quadro Merchandise Display Pop Up SystemThe Quadro FGS Pop-Up then evolved to meet a further client need of displaying product by adding shelves. Due to the extreme weight each quad can hold on a Quadro frame, it only made sense to display product as well. Historically, shelves have been challenging for pop-up displays because only so many could be added before the weight of the shelves and products shifted the overall display center of gravity, making the pop-up front-heavy and unstable. Exhibitors who wanted to show an assortment of products couldn’t take advantage of a portable display system and had to opt for a modular or custom display or traditional retail fixtures. 

The Quadro FGS solves that problem because the aluminum square-tube frame offers two distinct advantages. Like all pop-ups, the Quadro is simple to assemble and packs and ships in a portable roto-molded case with wheels. But, unlike other pop-ups, the Quadro welcomes weight, and a lot of it, as we mentioned above.

Quadro product shelves can be positioned throughout the square quads at multiple heights. And, those shelves can then be surrounded by floating graphics. The combination of graphics plus multiple products means any exhibitor can affordably showcase their product line in a 10 ft display. or 20 ft. inline display area as well as small table top displays

For example:
  • Hair Care Products
  • Packaged Food
  • Automotive Parts
  • Housewares
  • Pet Food and Pet Care
  • Wine, Beer, Spirits
  • Industrial Supplies and Parts
  • Footwear
  • Sporting Goods
  • Publishing (books and magazines)
The Quadro FGS comes in a variety of “kit” styles depending on your individual need for more graphics and fewer shelves, or vice versa. The kits pack in portable roto-molded cases with wheels, making them UPS and FedEx shippable. The Quadro frame hardware comes with a lifetime warranty. Should the frame ever fail for any reason (other than abuse), it will be repaired or replaced. 

Still unsure? The Quadro FGS System has a 100-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unhappy with the Quadro for any reason, you can return it (minus the cost of printed graphics and all associated shipping fees and taxes) and receive a no-question refund.

Mel White from Classic ExhibitsMel White is the VP of Marketing & Business Development at Classic Exhibits Inc.
Communication, happiness, creativity, and mission are what inspires him to open his front door every day.

Classic Exhibits Inc. is one of Displays by Area Exhibits main quality manufacturers of hybrid and custom displays. Classic has been in the exhibit industry since 1993 and has grown from a strictly portable solution provider to one of the most respected and talented custom manufacturers selling to the trade in the United States. MODUL Aluminum Extrusions are also under the Classic umbrella. Based in Portland, OR, you can rest assured that if you are buying one of our Classic product here at Displays by Area Exhibits, you are getting top notch American made quality and care that will last.

Displays by Area Exhibits thanks Mel for contributing this article.

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