Fortnite Battle Royale storySometimes Rules Are Just Suggestions

As a geek, I play a lot of video games along with all of the graphic design I do and trade show display sales. I find that the business world can sometimes be reflected within the online gaming community, just as most items in life can. Therefore, I found this story very interesting.

On June 30th, 2018, an epic moment took place within the online game Fortnite: Battle Royale that has caused a bit of a stir in the gaming community. The original event was to be a "one time" rocket launch that would bring in the next change to the game (a sort of time shift). And, since this was going to be a one time event, thousands of players logged in to watch the launch and formed a temporary "peace alliance" so no one would be harmed during the festivities.

However, one player apparently didn't get the memo, or didn't care, and quickly achieved the highest "kill record" in game history while everyone else was just watching the rocket launch.

Elemental_Ray in Fortnite Battle Royale setting recordThe player, Elemental_Ray, was inside the game world during the launch when he came across multiple online players standing on top of a constructed platform to view the historical rocket moment. Instead of peacefully joining the others on the platform to watch what would unfold, Elemental_Ray destroyed the platform, instantly killing the 48 players standing on it, and in turn, becoming the highest single game kill record holder for Fortnite: Battle Royale. Prior to this event, Elemental_Ray had never even scored a single solo victory in the game. But, with this one game, he was now, and probably will be for some time, the biggest record holder of all players (estimated to be around 125 million total players worldwide). And to add insult to injury, those 48 players that were tossed out of the game with the loss didn't even get to see the launch because once you lose in a battle royale style game, you can't enter again until a new game begins! Epic!

The event caused some controversy online in the gaming community with multiple articles written. Many felt Elemental_Ray was a hero that simply did something a game allowed. Others were more negative and labeled the player a troll and a cheat. However, since the game rules themselves didn't change for this rocket launch, and those inside were "just trying to be nice for a moment" to watch the launch, Elemental_Ray didn't actually do anything wrong. In the game world this just comes down to how seriously you take it. If you consider the seriousness of online gaming to be very real and personal, you would be offended. If you are relaxed and just know it is a game, you should find it amusing and fun.

In the end though, Elemental_Ray cemented his legacy in video game lore forever. Such occurrences are rare for online games. But when they do happen, they become legendary (See: Leeroy Jenkins).

But how does this relate to trade shows and business? Well, Elemental_Ray saw an opportunity and took it. In turn, he became a large player where he was never much to consider before. No actual rules or laws were in place to prevent this from happening. Certainly there would be negative blow back by some from the activity, but the benefit outweighed that. Until someone can find a way to beat this record of 48 (previous record being 33, which was hard fought), the player will stand as the highest ranked single game record holder and go down in history.

When you are doing business there are certainly rules, regulations and laws that should never be broken. But many "unwritten" rules can perhaps be bent to accommodate your goals. The idea is to find where the flaws, gaps, weaknesses, and loopholes are so you can take advantage. That is commerce and competition. We can learn a lot from Elemental_Ray in business. He was just a small fish in a very large pond until he saw an opportunity. Now Elemental_Ray is a legend with the chance to capitalize on it.

I say congratulations! Well done.