Free trade show display personal shopper servicesIf you are confused about what to buy, just ask!

The Internet today provides easy and fast ordering using advanced tools for order processing. When you know what you want, and you find it online, just a few clicks result in your order being delivered to your door exactly as you expected. But, when you are considering trade show marketing for your business and need new tools to do so, the e-commerce world can appear not so easy.

Sometimes you need assistance finding that perfect display that can meet your budget and marketing needs. When you come across a web site such as ours it can be a bit overwhelming due to the number of displays and options presented. If you do not have any experience with trade show displays, or are just looking for a perfect fit, the selection can be confusing and downright "too much" for you to go through.

In cases such as this just give us a call! We are happy to assist you with finding that perfect display item that will compliment your existing exhibit or become your entirely new display system.

Budget, graphic needs, portability, custom solutions, hard to find objects; it doesn't matter. Consider us your personal shopper.

Before you call:

Here is a list of items you should put together before we have a consultation on the phone. Having this material ready will make the process easier for everyone so we can get down to brass tacks and solve your dilemma.

  1. How many events will you be displaying at each year and what style/size are these events?
  2. Do you require portable solutions to ship via UPS/FedEx or within a car? Or, will you be open to larger "freight" style shipments for your events?
  3. How will you store your exhibits when not in use?
  4. What sizes of displays will you be exhibiting in? 10x10, 10x20, 20x20, or larger? Will it be a mixture of these?
  5. When it comes to setting up your display will you be handling this yourself or will you be hiring show services to complete the task?
  6. Do you need to support any electronic devices such as monitors, iPads, computers, etc...?
  7. Will counters be required or any product shelves? If so, what sort of material will you need to put on these surfaces and what are the weights? And, along with that, do you need additional shipping solutions to transport that material?
  8. Do you have a graphic designer available to complete the layouts for your new display or do you need that service provided by Displays by Area Exhibits?
  9. What is your goal at each event? Sell product/services on site? Gain new leads for later follow up?
  10. Do you currently have an established corporate identity in terms of logo, colors, tag/sell lines, etc...?
  11. Have you seen other displays at events from competitors or exhibitors that you feel you like and want to emulate?
  12. Finally, and this is the most difficult question for most, what is your current budget to spend on your new display identity? Keep in mind that the purchase of a display is one of the lowest costs of your entire trade show marketing plan. The purchase is a one time fee, whereas the bookings for events, shipping, travel, accommodations, drayage, fees, and so on are going to be much higher. Therefore, it is critical you make the right choice on a display that will have the most impact.

Don't let this e-commerce world suggest that personal service isn't at your fingertips. Of course we want to speak to you and answer questions and provide solutions! Our goal is always your satisfaction, both with product and with service.

Contact us today and get your personal shopper on the job! We'll guide you to the items that meet your goals and provide instructions on just how to order.

We look forward to serving you and assisting in your company's success.

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