How To Order From Displays by Area Exhibits:

Thank you for choosing us as your display supplier! Please review these important order instructions.

Ordering display materials is a very specialized process. The goal is to always ensure you get exactly what you want within the required time limit you personally have for your next event. Though ordering online these days is a very simple and easy procedure, we nevertheless recommend you follow these guidelines. Exhibit materials require certain levels of "production" that are not "off the shelf" items. Each product on this site has a required time of production as well as a process to generate any supporting materials before it ships. Therefore, the closer you follow our guide here, the better we may serve you.

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You need to be a registered user to purchase from this site. However, registration is FREE, open to all, and only takes a few moments. We encourage you to register as that will allow us to provide you with the best customer service possible. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR FREE WITH DISPLAYS BY AREA EXHIBITS.

1. After selecting a product that you wish to purchase please be sure that, if it has printed graphics, you already have your graphic design files ready to upload upon completion of your processed order. It is imperitave that we have your graphic files immediately to ensure timely production schedules.

2. We will produce and ship your order under standard listed product timelines assuming we have all necessary graphic elements to complete such orders. Orders that require deferred shipment dates should be made by calling us.

3. Each product listed on this web site is priced to buy "as listed" without substitutions. We have worked very hard to bring you a selection that is wide in both value and variety. Therefore, please do not request custom alterations to products shown here. Should you have a need for a custom configuration, please call us for custom order options.

4. Plan ahead for timing! Though we list production times for every product, we cannot guarantee that timing exactly. Our suggestion is to PLAN AHEAD so you have plenty of time to prepare your graphics, place your order, and receive the finished material with time to review before you need to ship to your event. Rush options may be available but you should let us know your plans before placing your order.

5. One line of products on our site is specifically prepared for shipping directly to your Advance Warehouse location. This is our NexGen Carpet Freight Kit material. We are happy to "hold" orders for this item until the shipping meets your dates. But, be sure you have your Advance Warehouse information ready at time of order placement, including full address and receiving date window, so we can be sure you get your material on time.

6. Our graphic requirements are listed here and must be followed, along with using any templates associated with your product. Any graphic files supplied that do not meet our requirements may be rejected or require alterations by us that will increase cost and may delay your order delivery. If you do not fully understand the requirements or templates, or do not have access to a designer that can provide such material, please contact us for options. We can offer graphic design services depending on timing and availability for a fee. Graphic design is $85 per hour and will be billed separately from your order via invoice. Contact us "before you place your online order" if this applies to you.

7. It is important that you supply correct contact information when you place your order. We may have immediate follow up questions after your order is received and will attempt to contact you should that be necessary. Be sure you also watch your email "spam folders" in case any messages we send to you are not lost as spam filters are unpredictable. If you can, please white list emails from the following domains for your spam protection: "" and "".

8. If there is a product you require that you do not see listed here, but saw elsewhere and is display oriented, we most likely can get it for you. Therefore, let us know if there is something you would like to order from us along with your other items.

9. You will receive a PDF email proof of your graphic related order within 24 hours of submission. Again, be sure you are watching your spam filters so nothing is missed. No graphic related orders will go to final production until you confirm that the PDF proof is correct.

Thank you for choosing Displays by Area Exhibits! We look forward to working with you to provide the best exhibit solutions available.

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