Backlit that is, with Igniter SEG graphics.

Igniter Backlit Silicone Edge Graphic Aluminum Displays by NA DisplayThe hottest trend on the trade show floor today is backlit graphics using silicone edge graphics (SEG) to create unique appearances that are still easy to assemble and ship.

Our line of Igniter backlit displays is an excellent entry point for those that are just starting out in the exhibit world, or for those that need to extend budget but want higher impact than traditional display materials.

Silicone Edge Graphics are printed via a dye sublimation press onto a fabric material. Once the graphic print is complete we then sew a silicone edge onto each side of your graphic with a fine stitch. This edge then is used to insert into aluminum frame parts on your display, or extrusions as they are called, to achieve what is known in the industry as a "clean edge finish" that leaves little to no hardware visible from the front of your display.

Installing SEG graphics is quite simple and begins by just folding your silicone edge over slightly into the graphic fabric itself before pushing that edge into the aluminum extrusion channel, or recessed groove. It may sound complex, but it really is very easy and doesn't take much time at all once you have done it once.

The results are stunning. Vibrant illuminated graphics (using LED bulbs inside your frame) create walls of branded marketing that event eyes simply will not miss on the show floor. And, since your graphics are fabric, you can just fold them up when not in use (removal is as easy as pulling the graphic off the frame) and pack them into supplied bags for portable and compact storage. SEG graphics fit onto frames via tension to pull the graphic tight. That means no wrinkles! And your aluminum frame sections break down into compact sections so your exhibit is affordable to ship via standard carriers without having to call a freight company.

We invite you to view our wide selection of Backlit Igniter Trade Show Displays available in kiosk, 10x10, and 10x20 versions today. Available in both standard rectangular shapes as well as angled!

Or, if you are interested in retail applications, please download our brochure for Backlit Retail Fixture Displays.