WaveLight Inflatable Backlit Counters and Towers for Trade Show Exhibit Displays

Trending exhibit technology is sometimes questionable. We have all seen recent inflatable displays from a certain franchised over priced manufacturer that are not what they were promised to be, and sometimes even comical. However, there are inflatable units that meet every requirement you have for exhibiting. Quality, stability, durability, ease of set up, affordable, high impact graphics, portability, fast production, and consistency. What could this possibly be?

WaveLight Inflatable Towers and CountersThe answer is WaveLight Air Backlit Inflatable Towers and Counters by Makitso.

We introduced the counter versions of this great product to our web site a few months ago and are now proud to announce the addition of the WaveLight Air Backlit Inflatable Tower display kits.

Set up for these units takes less than 20 seconds using the electric air pump. And, just like the counters, the towers can support the weight of you sitting on them without even an ounce of give (though we do not recommend getting on top of these due to height!). High quality dye sublimation printed fabric silicone edge graphics (or SEG) mean you can leave your graphic on the hardware at all times unless you want to change it. And, should you want to change the graphic, the SEG system makes change out quick and simple.

The low profile hardware design of each WaveLight Tower or Counter unit means you have optimum graphic visibility for full branding opportunities. The built in LED lighting provides you with the extra impact you desire at any event, whether that be a trade show, an indoor private function, a way-finding position in a hallway, or any type of indoor area where ultimate quality branding is preferred but needs to be compact and portable.

In fact, these WaveLight Inflatable Backlit Counters & Towers are so well engineered you can position them into the highest quality custom built trade show displays as corner accents and they will never seem out of place.

Preview of Wavelight counter tower inflatable backlit infographic imageFinally, the most amazing part of this system, beyond what you have read so far, is the price! You simply won't believe how far your marketing budget will go with the use of the WaveLight Inflatables. Imagine a 126" tall backlit 360 degree graphic tower that only costs $889.00 and is portable! Show me another SEG system that does that!

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I personally tested these units myself and was just blown away by how well the hardware and graphics worked while actually sitting on one of the counters to test its strength. The WaveLight Inflatable is LEGIT.

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