outdoor tent and counters are perfect for promotional items

Though it is only January you should begin thinking about your upcoming outdoor events for promotional purposes. Planning ahead is always recommended as we find that decisions about hardware, and the design of graphics, takes more time than you could ever expect.

With that said, you should be considering custom printed tent and outdoor counter display options, as well as flying banner items, for your outdoor shows that will be in the coming months.

Many companies will go low budget and just head to bulk retail supply stores for a basic 10ft tent and think that will do the job. But, if you just plan a little further, and get something custom, you will find that the investment will pay off down the road. With high quality graphics and custom service from us, you can really set up a successful event package for years to come.

We offer a wide selection of 10ft tents, 20ft tents and even our new 5ft tents with full custom printed graphics. Each unit comes with a hardware warranty and is easy to assemble.

Plus, if you are doing craft fairs or smaller shows, you can add a display product serving counter to your inventory that is designed specifically for outdoor use.

Flying banners in the ground or on hard surfaces will also attract your audience when the banner turns in the wind. Be sure to investigate whether you need single or double sided flying banners.

Attending outdoor trade fair events can be a very enjoyable experience for many. Regardless of the theme, it is up to you as a company to make this experience one that is unique. If you only have a boring and standard display, why would you expect an audience? Rather, if you take the time to design your display with the right elements, custom printed to your branding, you will get more impact and engagement.

As the outdoor display season approaches, be sure you have the right promotional elements to gain new customers!

Should you need a consultation about what can work for you, just contact us. We are happy to help.