Portable Screen Stands of Quality are now Standard Practice for Events

Old CRT monitor difficult to support at trade showRemember the days when you had to bring your entire computer and large CRT multi-sync VGA monitors to trade shows if you wanted to display images, software or video? (Click for a slide show history of computer monitors). In the mid-1990's, as screens become somewhat easy to ship, many displays were built or designed with supports for such screens. Often the support involved cutting holes into your hard panel graphics and then having a large counter positioned behind that panel to rest your monitor on while poking through the hole. Though from a visual standpoint in the front it looks decent, the logistics of setting up such a configuration were immense. Shipping, set up, space, tear down, and just the risk of handling a bulk object like a CRT monitor were enough to discourage most smaller exhibitors.

Eventually screens became flatter with the introduction of LCD. Cost was high though on such new technology and displays were not really ready to integrate the change with beauty and sofistication. Some monitor mounts and stands were introduced in the late 90's to accomodate the change, but with limited success.

Finally, though, we saw the emergence of present day flat screens that made it much simpler to transport the screen itself while also being compatible with laptop integration or even thumb drive feeds. Yet for some time the trade show exhibit industry wasn't moving forward as fast with easy to set up and portable stands to accomodate these new and larger screens.

Well, I'm happy to say those days are now past us. The selections available today for portable monitor stands is excellent. Those of you that still fear the idea of setting up a monitor display at your trade show can rest easy. In fact, many exhibitors skip the actual monitor shipment and simply buy a screen in the city they are about to show at, then leave it behind for anyone to take. Costs have dropped on screens so much that you can just order one online to ship to your event (or buy locally at Costco, Bestbuy, etc..) and probably spend less than what it takes to have a protective case and ship it there and back. All you really need to focus on is the portable stand itself to find the perfect fit for your exhibit appearance.

Portable monitor stands and displays for exhibitsNeed a monitor stand to fit with your 10ft or 20ft curved popup display? Simple. Why have rear support with a hole cut into your graphics when you can use the Popup Monitor Stand Twist Counter? Compatible with all standard style curved or flat pop up displays, the unit packs neatly into the optional shipping case.

Looking for a monitor stand to support screens up to 55" wide but in both horizontal or vertical orientations? That's Easy. The XL Monitor Stand fits the bill with all the features you need for a successful event.

Sometimes you need to go bigger. Like 70" bigger. The Orbital Monitor Kiosk 2 can support your 70" screen while also giving you a workstation counter, but still remains portable with the included case.

Be sure to view all of our portable trade show monitor stands today to find just the right fit for your next event. And, as always, if you have any questions just let us know. We are happy to help.