Introducing USB ports on select Sacagawea display kits

When Benjamin Franklin attached a key to his kite string during a lightning storm experiment in the US he took a great risk to prove lightning was indeed electricity. However, his discovery lead to important advancements in the field of study.

Sacagawea, a Lemhi Shoshone woman who helped establish cultural contacts with Native American populations during the long and arduous Lewis and Clark Expedition, was also a pioneer of discovery in the US.

What do these two important figures of American History have in common? It's the Sacagwea Hybrid Trade Show Display of course! More specifically, all Sacagawea exhibits that include a rear back wall counter will now include as a standard feature 2 USB ports to charge your cel phone or laptop and tablet devices. Whether you need a full charge or just a quick top-off, the USB ports are always there. No kite or key required and no risky adventure! Though you need to remember to bring your charging USB cable.

Electricity combined with the discoveries you and your clients will make together at your next event!

No other portable display offers this charging feature as a standard item.

And if that’s not enough, the Sacagawea also features:
  • Easy Knob-Assisted Assembly
  • Numbered Components and Detailed Setup Instructions
  • Vibrant 5K Dye-Sublimated Fabric Graphics
  • Adjustable Workstation Legs for Stability
  • Lightweight Engineered Aluminum Extrusion
  • LED Stem Lights
  • Portable Roto-molded Cases with Wheels
  • Jigged, Reusable Packaging
  • 100-Day Return Guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Also available in table top display sizes
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