The following guidelines are designed to assist you with your digital graphic preparation so that there will be as few delays as possible in the production of your project.

Final print ready artwork should be prepared in one of the following native formats:
Adobe Illustrator CC or lower. (send AI file)
Adobe Photoshop CC or lower. (send PSD file)
Adobe InDesign CC or lower**. (send INDD file)
Flat TIF files in CMYK at 100% scale at 120ppi

IMPORTANT: Please do not send PDF files for final output.

  • Please send native layout files only along with all supporting items such as linked images, documents, etc.
  • Please do not embedd images and documents in your AI or INDD layouts. Instead, please link them and send the images with your files.
  • Work at 100% scale at all times unless your design software does not permit an artboard at that size (or your template has been provided at a smaller size). Should you need to prepare at a smaller size, please work at 50% scale, 25% scale, or 10% scale. Be sure to indicate what scale you worked in when sending your files.
  • Convert all text/fonts to outlines.
  • Whenever possible please have all logos as vector objects.
  • All raster/bitmap files must be 100 to 120 ppi at final size (ie: when at 100% scale).
  • Use the correct graphic template. When possible, have the template in your file as a separate layer.
  • Do not flatten your files. If we need to adjust anything for certain outputs a flattened file may present issues.
  • CMYK color spaces should be used at all times when creating new artwork.
  • If any solid colors in your layout are critical please use Pantone Solid Coated or Uncoated colors. Please list these as being required when submitting files. Do not convert your Pantones to CMYK Process.
  • Please provide a low resolution JPG preview of your artwork to be used as a visual reference.
  • PDF proofs will be supplied to you for verification purposes but are not considered accurate color proofs.
  • If you require proofs to check color accuracy please request a printed proof by contacting us directly. Please note that adding printed proofs to your order may delay the production of your order and will also be subject to additional fees.

Uploading Artwork

Please upload your files to the following location:

If you do not have the ability to submit files according to these requirements or have questions please contact your Displays by Area Exhibits representative for assistance.

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