StratoSpace Orbit Hybrid DisplayWhen you have just three seconds to get event attendees attention at your next trade show you need a display that achieves this goal in only one.

The StratoSpace Orbit Hybrid Display System is an affordable, portable, high impact exhibit you will love to use and recommend to others.

The term "Hybrid Display" in the exhibit world can be a confusing one for those that are not familiar with the concept. However, in simple terms, a hybrid display is essentially made up of an aluminum extrusion frame that then mixes different, more traditional graphic elements from other styles of exhibits. For example, using a mixture of fabric graphics, laminated rollable graphics, and direct print rigid graphics on materials like Sintra or Plexi, is what a hybrid unit is all about.

Though the term may be a bit dated today, it was a revolutionary concept when first coined in the early to mid 2000's in the industry. And, the resulting displays that fall into this category are quite beautiful and very portable. Plus, hybrid exhibits provide you with a higher end appearance, or custom look, that you won't get from other types of display kits.

The StratoSpace Orbit Hybrid Exhibit is one such unit and is a new line of displays available now. Using low profile aluminum extrusion framework, each StratoSpace Orbit display is designed for ultra-portability while still maintaining a clean and modern appearance that will set you apart from your neighbors at any trade show.

Beginning with five main kits, the StratoSpace Orbit uses both rollable laminated graphics that connect with magnets as well as rigid Sintra direct print laminated wings for accents to create a very professional presence. Another key to any hybrid display is that is should be simple to assemble and the StratoSpace Orbit is truly an easy kit to set up or dismantle at your event. Using the single supplied hex tool, you just connect the numbered parts together and then place your graphics into the correct locations. The result is a unit that has a 95% visible graphic area in your inline 10x10 space. You can even combine two units side by side for a wider 10x20 area.

StratoSpace Orbit Hybrid Display Features Include:

StratoSpace Orbit graphic set upSLEEK DESIGN
Clean lines and minimal visible structure offer a high end look that stands out on the trade show floor.

With straightforward assembly instructions the frame is easily built using an Allen wrench-style tool.

Designed for maximum impact, graphics cover 95% of visible surface area.

Graphics are crisp ink jet prints, laminated for protection.

Well designed hybrid trade show displayACCENT CANOPY WITH LIGHTING
Kits with the top canopy provide an extra level of professional appearance while also lighting your display from inside.

Designed to pack efficiently into a wheeled case that ships Fedex/UPS. Includes custom foam packing components for a safe transport.

Selected kits include the sturdy and attractive StratoSpace Podium. This counter also ships in a wheeled case with custom foam packaging.

StratoSpace Orbit frame hardware is backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

If you are looking for a new display that is a visual step up from your current hardware we recommend you consider the StratoSpace Orbit. This unique kit based exhibit solution has excellent value and a real hybrid appearance while using traditional graphic materials you may already be accustomed to.

As always, if you have any questions regarding this information just let us know. We are happy to help.