Trade shows actually do work for successful marketingDISCLAIMER: Of course the headline for this article is false. Trade shows are an effective marketing tool and important part of your promotional business plan. If there are shows you can attend for your field, you are doing yourself a disservice by not taking part. Therefore, don't send me nasty emails stating I'm wrong.

Headlines like this appear online all the time. It's called "click bait". Create something that will stir emotion to generate traffic to your site. Granted, I'm guilty in doing this for the article. But, beyond that you see how such a headline got attention right away.

Rather, the idea for this headline is to illustrate a point...


No, this isn't about dropping your ice cream on the kitchen floor. Rather, it's the general rule of thumb for trade show display design that you have about 3 seconds to grab the attention of those attending the show as they walk by your space. Therefore, your graphics, message, staff, and physical display appearance, all need to be very focused, clean, and to the point.

The article headline made you click it. Either you agree with the headline (which I don't) or you disagree with it (which I do). Regardless, you saw something that made you want to investigate further.

With that said, you should treat your trade show design in the same manner. Go for the kill with your message to get those eyeballs out of the aisles and into your booth space. Be creative and to the point. You may only get that one chance for a customer as they are walking through the show floor.

Unless perhaps if they drop their ice cream in your space. Should that happen, use the opportunity to spark up a sales conversation!

In a world with so much competition online and on the show floor, you must always be trying to set yourself apart.

Should you have a need for such design ideas give us a call. We would love to chat with you about your current exhibit materials and how they can be enhanced for more impact.

Below are some points to consider that illustrate why trade shows are so important (Gathered from the "Trade Shows Work" campaign by Orbus)

Why Trade Shows Work:

There are many reasons why tradeshows have been effective for companies of all sizes for the past 80 years. Face-to-face marketing accelerates the sales cycle and still represents the best dollar-for-dollar value versus other competing media/marketing vehicles.

Tradeshows provide Exhibitors with the opportunity to meet clients & prospects & decision makers face-to-face to:
  • Generate leads & drive incremental sales
  • Solidify relationships with current customers
  • Establish relationships with prospects, key target markets & the media
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Introduce & promote new products to a new or existing market
  • Enhance brand & product visibility
  • Educate & demonstrate new uses for existing products
  • Obtain feedback on new & existing products
  • Learn the latest industry trends
  • Gain competitors insight
  • Conduct competitor & market research
  • Network with key industry contacts and key opinion leaders
  • Learn more about the industry they support
  • Have a presence in the industry
  • Gain exposure in new markets
  • Find personnel to grow your company
  • Build sales force moral & foster camaraderie
  • Demonstrate your commitment to a marketplace and your clients
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Reinforce & test marketing strategies
Tradeshows provide Attendees with the opportunity to:
  • Purchase products at discounted prices
  • Conduct research to ensure you make the best purchase decision
  • Establish relationships with key vendors
  • Learn latest industry trends & technologies
  • Gain insight into what others in your industry are purchasing & why
  • Learn from industry key opinion leaders
  • Discover new products
  • Compare competitive products side by side
  • Meet the people only known previously via phone/email
  • Have the chance to use a product before purchase
When evaluating whether to exhibit at a show or not, consider how your presence - or absence - at important tradeshows affects your business. Trying to save a few dollars today could compromise business tomorrow.

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