Aurascape LED RGB Front Lighting for use with Trade Show Displays

The new Aurascape LED RGB Light Bar will make your display come to life with a variety of front lighting effects. Whether you use a banner stand, a 10ft flat graphic fabric display, or any long flat surface that is printed (even table top units), the Aurascape can enhance your exhibit.

Rather than using traditional white LED lights on the top of your display why not try something that has movement and is programmable? Standard lights are what everyone is using these days. You want to be different so you can attract customers to your trade show space. However, budget is always a concern. Yet, the Aurascape is very affordable, easy to assemble and control, and is portable enough to either fit into your existing shipping case(s) or only require one additional case, depending on your current configuration.

The Bluetooth control built into the Aurascape power supply links up with Android or iPhone apps so you can set the lighting effects you require with ease.

Currently this unique and exciting lighting solution is sold in packs of 2. Each unit is 28.7" wide and positions on the floor directly in front of your display with angled lighting directed towards your graphic.

Power supply units can power up to 4 Aurascape light bars and are sold separately so you can always purchase the exact amount of light bars and power units you need for your current application requirements.

As technology continues to evolve in the Trade Show industry you should always be looking for a new way to enhance your exhibit to get attention. If your budget is tight, or you need to be portable while still competing with larger, more expensive displays with video and lighting that is out of your reach, the Aurascape can give you that extra impact you desire.

Thumbnail of Aurascape info graphic