WaveLight Air Podiums and Walls

The new WaveLight Inflatable Backlit Podium and Wall display material by Makitso brings light and air, the fundamentals of life, together for a beautiful combination to enhance your branding.

Expanding on the success of the popular WaveLight Backlit Inflatable Counters and WaveLight Backlit Inflatable Towers, these new podium and wall sets are designed specifically for integration into any existing display, be that an inline 10x10 or even a full island. The thin profile footprint of the WaveLight Podium or Wall means you get high impact backlit graphics but still leave ample space on your show floor for other exhibit items.

All WaveLight units inflate in a matter of seconds using the electric air pump and also pack down for ultimate portable transport. Graphics for all WaveLight Podiums and Walls are dye sublimation printed on silicone edge fabric and are double sided. The vibrant colors when backlit are stunning.

LED lighting hardware is built into your units so you don't need to install or adjust the light fixtures at all. Simply remove the unit from its packaging, place in the location you want, and inflate! You are ready to go.

Use these displays mixed with any existing trade show set up or as stand along marketing items. The possibilities are endless. If you want both units and are also looking for a 10x10 kit display, try the WaveLight Air Kit! Or, purchase two kits to make a 10x20 inline area!

Inflatable displays have now become a standard item on the show floor as technology has improved and materials have become more adept at such uses. Why spend so much time setting up complex hardware when all you need to do is just inflate your display, plug it in, and the lighting immediately grabs attention?

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